You want to go to the Fogo Island Inn someday. Come with us.

I’m sure you know people who’ve been there; you’ve heard their rapturous recounting. You may have even seen the 60 Minutes profile on Fogo.

Now, we can take you there for less than you’d pay on your own and in the company of…well, think of this as group travel for people who don’t do group travel, like you.

The Fogo Island Inn is as improbable as the idea of Canada itself. Located in a tiny, frail village in a far corner of Newfoundland, “on an island off an island off the radar”, the Inn has quickly grown to be a place the world is flocking to. Not just because it’s gobsmackingly gorgeous, but because its creator, Zita Cobb, has built a new model for what community can be.

On May 25 – 28, 2023, we’re leading a group of friends to the Inn for an experience that you’ll not soon forget. In fact, it will be like a three -day Ted Talk, foodies’ paradise and…summer camp for grownups. Even better, Fogo in May often has icebergs, big ones, careening down from Greenland.

The Inn itself is everything you’d expect from one of the world’s most instantly and extravagantly lauded destinations. In addition to enjoying the fabulous ambiance of the hotel itself, the waves bursting ashore outside our spectacular rooms, plus the delicious Newfoundland Cuisine, we’ll be ‘out there’ as well — hiking, foraging, exploring the fabulous landscape and generally rushing to experience one of the most hospitable and authentic communities on Earth.

We’ll spend three glorious days and nights at the Inn. 

Because our friends are highly independent, especially around how they fly, we’ll leave it to you to make your own air arrangements and, if need be, car rental and motel before or after our official trip.

Thursday, May 25 

The trip will officially start at lunch on Thursday, May 25, at the Inn. 

For those who won’t have a rental car and want to take the ferry together to Fogo Island that morning, there will be 2 private charter buses from Gander International Airport leaving earlier in the day to take you to the Inn, exact time to be determined. The bus will take us north to the ferry port of Farewell, put us on the ferry to Fogo Island, and then to the Inn when we’re on the island.  

But you can also make your own way to Farewell. Just be sure you’re on the 11:30 a.m. ferry to Fogo Island.  After lunch you’ll be in the company of a community host who will guide us around the Island.

Friday, May 26 and Saturday, May 27, 2023 

In and around the Inn, we’ll enjoy the rooftop hot tubs, spectacular spa, roaring fires, live music, restful library, movie theatre, gorgeous dining room and every particle of it filled with Newfoundland hospitality.

We are finalizing the full itinerary. Its highlights will for sure include: hiking, community excursions, potential iceberg sightings, cultural insights, and one of the most beguiling after-parties you’ve ever been to.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

After an early breakfast at the Inn, our bus will take us to meet the 10:00 am ferry. When we dock  at Farewell, the bus will take us to Gander Airport where the trip officially ends.

You may want to stay longer at the Inn or somewhere else in Newfoundland. It’s absolutely your choice.

Yes, the trip is pricey. 

But the cost with us is lower than you’d pay on your own. Indeed, you’ll never stay in comparable rooms for less.

Here’s where you need to focus intently.

The prices quoted below include your costs at the Inn (excluding alcohol, transfers to and from the Inn via bus and ferry, and HST on your room cost, which are all billed at checkout.) 

To book your room at the Inn, please contact the Fogo Island Inn’s Reservations Team at 1-855-268-9277 or reservations Then make your “getting there” and “getting home” arrangements.


Here are the costs for accommodation at the Fogo Island Inn, all meals and activities.

May 2023 3-Night Room Rate*

Double Occupancy

3-Night Room Rate* Double Occupancy Per Person Nightly Room Rate* Single Occupancy
Labrador 1st Floor $7,762.50 $3,881.25 $2,387.50
Labrador 2nd Floor $8,302.50 $4,151.25 $2,567.50
Labrador 3rd Floor $9,382.50 $4,691.25 $2,927.50
Newfoundland Room $11,002.50 $5,501.25 $3,467.50
Fogo Island Family Suite $13,432.50 $6,716.25 $4,277.50
Fogo Island Family Loft $14,242.50 $7,121.25 $4,547.50
Fogo Island Loft Suite $14,242.50 $7,121.25 $4,547.50
Fogo Island Sunset Suite $15,052.50 $7,526.25 $4,817.50
Fogo Island Sunrise Suite $15,052.50 $7,526.25 $4,817.50
Flat Earth Suite $18,832.50 $9,416.25 $6,077.50
*Nightly rates are pre-tax, and do not include the 15% HST.

Two final words of experience. Travel insurance is highly recommended, and if you’re planning to come on your own, we suggest you find a good friend to join you; single supplements are eye-watering!

We very much hope you can join us in May of 2023 – and escape from the numbing uniformity of modern times.

Here’s a preview of what that escape looks like.


Bob and Jean