Greece 2023 – SOLD OUT

Hearing Ben Macintyre in the morning, then bicycling in the hills of Greece in the afternoon, then enjoying an opera buffa dinner in a local taverna fills me with……..unspeakable anticipation.

This Fall, Jean and I are taking 14 friends to a fantastic author’s festival in Greece and we want you to join us.

Last October I took in an unforgettable literary festival on the west coast of Greece. It was small and certainly unknown to North Americans.

This year will be Year 3 of the Kardamyli Festival with authors like Ben Macintyre, Anjana Ahuja, Emma Smith, Rory Stewart, and Andrea Wulf. If it’s anything like Year 2, it will be wondrous. The authors spoke in the morning, we all went bicycling in the hills above the village in the afternoon and then enjoyed opera buffa dinners in local tavernas in the evenings.

I went with The Slow Cyclist, headed by Oli Broom, and we’ll do the same this October. Here’s the itinerary for our 8 night trip.

Oh, and a word about bicycling. We’re biking in the hills of Greece. We’re not worried about being in shape, or our aging hips and heaving hearts because we’re using electric bicycles, which make every uphill a valley, and every valley exalted.

To book your spot or for more information, contact Oli Broom at

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